O.k., I’m working at home on my computer and I’m u…

O.k., I’m working at home on my computer and I’m using Linux. I can’t believe how well it’s working for me this time around. I am cautiously loaded RedHat 7.3 and plan on upgrading to RedHat 8.0 after downloading it at work this week. I was going to install Mandrake, but it refuses to recognize my USB keyboard during the installation, which makes it very hard to type in responses to the installation prompts, so I decided to give RedHat a whirl again. For some reason it’s working much better than it did the last time around.

Earl and I went to Buffalo for an overnight stay last night. We took our time driving out there and toured around Rochester. With Earl so heavily involved with his company’s Buffalo plant, we like to know more about that part of the state in case we need to move out there or anything like that. After touring around both Rochester and Buffalo, I have to admit that I felt much more comfortable in Buffalo. I instantly felt more at home there. Rochester has a more yuppy feel to it to me at least.

We checked into the hotel in Cheektowaga and then decided to head to the Walden Galleria mall just off the Thruway. It’s basically the same as Carousel Center in Syracuse without the tall center part. They have a really cool thing going on there – no kids under 18 allowed without parental escort after 6 p.m. And they were strictly enforcing it. I saw the security guards ID a couple of kids and ask a couple others where their parents were. The merchants say that traffic is way down, but everything there is actually spending money instead of being a menace, so that it’s all working out for the best. I found the experience enjoyable. We bought some new shoes at DSW.

We then drove up to Niagara Falls and toured around there a bit, freshened up at the hotel and then went to Buddies. It was “bear night”. Finally, a night out where Earl and I felt totally comfortable. I look forward to going back there again.

Today we drove back and stopped in Rochester again. This time it was for lunch at Tom Wahl’s. They have a great vegetarian burger. 🙂

Since getting home I’ve been playing with the computer and I must say that I am quite pleased with how it’s working. Let’s see if the trend continues.