O.k., I’ve been obsessing over my computer for 24 …

O.k., I’ve been obsessing over my computer for 24 hours or so. As I mentioned yesterday, I switched it to RedHat Linux (version 7.3 for anyone that’s keeping track.) Pretty cool, except I feel like I’m hitting so many obstacles when I use it.

Some of my big problems:

1. USB webcam support sucks. I have two USB webcams, an IBM NetCameraPro and a Kodak DVC-325. Both work well, I just can’t get them to work in Linux. I know it’s the manufacturer’s fault that they don’t work, as they haven’t released drivers for Linux, but it would be nice to have the webcam work without too much problem.

2. I’m having a bugger of a time installing a Java Runtime Environment. As you may have noticed, I have a couple of nifty little buttons, courtesy of FrontPage, on the index page of our site. I can’t see them unless I install Java. Now that kind of sucks. I think I’m going to make them static buttons, because if I’m having a problem with it, other people are having a problem as well. Plus, with the issues going on with Microsoft and Sun fighting over Java, it’s a little too difficult for people to navigate our site without buttons. So I suppose that was an eye opener. But please stop me, I’m rambling.

3. I have a beautiful HP Scanjet 4400c. I love it immensely. It doesn’t work under Linux.

4. Now this may be a trivial thing, but the sounds that come with KDE suck. They sound like they were recorded on an 8-track or a GE cassette player from the 1970s.

5. My “hot keys” on my HP internet keyboard don’t work, nor do they glow. Again, another little nit but it makes me crazy when things don’t work the way they should.

6. The internet connection is slow, slow, slow. Earl and I connect through the internet courtesy of Direcway by Earthlink. To put it in layman’s terms, we have a satellite dish on the roof of the barn that beams the information up to a satellite which beams it back down to Direcway headquarters, which in turn gets what it needs courtesy of land lines and does the same thing in reverse. It’s not the speediest process by any means, but it’s REALLY REALLY slow using Linux. I think it’s because of Microsoft’s “internet connection sharing” functionality, but because Direcway doesn’t have anything but Windows software for this beast, I’m stuck with it.

7. CD burning, etc. is a NIGHTMARE.

I’ll probably get my geek card revoked, but before leaving for work this morning I decided to install Windows XP Home Edition AGAIN. As much as Microsoft angers me with their strong-arm tactics, I can’t help but use their stuff because it does what it’s suppose to do, with everything that I have, about 90% of the time. Yes, Windows XP does crash from time to time, and Earl thanks the computer gods for living with a geek nightly, but at least I can figure out what Windows is trying to do when it crashes and prevent it from happening again.

If I had a server at the house, it would definitely be running Linux, because Linux servers are wonderfully reliable and easy to maintain. But I don’t think Linux is ready for prime-time when it comes to the desktop.

Just had to get that off my chest. Honestly, if I had some loot in the bank account, I’d buy us two Macs and go from there. I’m very impressed with OS X from what I’ve read about it and the little I’ve played with it.

I’ve received several compliments on my “fashion plate” look I’ve been sporting today. Makes me feel kind of good I must say. I dare say that I am very vain, but who cares, I’m beautiful damn it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding.

Tonight Earl and I are cleaning up the house, which looks like Yucca Flats after the blast. The wreck room is definitely living up to its name and I really can’t mention in polite company why Earl’s underwear is in the kitchen sink. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding – but we do have to clean up a little bit before the cleaning lady has a heart attack. Isn’t that weird – we clean up when we know the cleaning lady is coming. I seriously need to catch up on e-mail as well. With the computer being such a challenge, I’ve been neglecting my e-mail. I’ll have to catch up tonight.