Well I’m finally able to sit down and write a bit in my journal. My family just left from a festive Mother’s Day celebration this afternoon. Earl made a WONDERFUL chicken salad with roasted vegetables for everyone, along with some wonderful desserts. It was great!

Where to begin. This morning Earl and I took our first bath and shower in the new bathroom. The bathroom isn’t quite completed yet, as Lowe’s hasn’t delivered the vanity top nor the cabinet and vanity top for the laundry area, so our contractor Mike has left a few touch ups to do when comes to install those, whenever they arrive. They were suppose to be here the end of April and here it is mid May. We shall see what Lowe’s actually knows. The bathroom is absolutely beautiful. The shower is great, the whirlpool whirls nicely, we are very, very pleased with the end result. I’ll be posting pictures by the end of the week.

Our new washer and dryer are installed as well. They are working wonderfully, except the washer is making a rattling noise it shouldn’t be. Apparently this model has been recalled because the bricks inside that stabilize the drum crack and break apart in shipping and this is what my washer did. So we’re waiting to get that fixed. Here we had a week off and now I have to ask for next Friday afternoon off as well. I hope that this doesn’t create a problem at work; I don’t think that it will.

Earl and I did see John Edward last weekend in Providence, R.I. We didn’t get a reading, but we witnessed serveral and we heard what John had to say about his mediumship and how he came to where he is today. It’s quite an interesting story. And it was absolutely fascinating to see him at work doing what he does. He connected with quite a few loved ones for people in the audience, and they were obviously emotionally moved, so he must have been doing his work right.

I feel like I’m continuing to grow spiritually. I had a wondeful meditation last week where I met my spirit guide. I’m looking forward to continuing my meditation and such, especially since the house is getting back to normal and I can relax enough to go ahead and do that. I did pick up an additional Native American flute CD while we were shopping yesterday. It’s called “Sacred Journey” by Billy Whitefoe… very relaxing. I find the Native American music the most spiritual and inspirational for me, especially during meditation. Plus, I’ve always been big on incense, especially Sandalwood.

This past Thursday through Saturday we went to Bristol, Pa. to see Earl’s family. It was great, since we haven’t been down there since New Year’s. We went to the Philly vs. the Diamondbacks Friday night at Vets Stadium. I really like the Sports Complex area of Philly. It’s so well organized. And it was a great game as well. I really enjoyed it.

While we were down there we went to Chick-Fil-A, TWICE. Once Friday afternoon and once on Saturday afternoon. It was great both times. Earl is so patient to allow me to go to Chick-Fil-A whenever we’re near one.

We went shopping at Wegman’s in DeWitt on the way home to pick up stuff for today’s get together. Mom really wanted to spend time with us at home for Mother’s Day, so that’s what we decided to do. It was a wonderful get together; Mom seemed a little more energetic than the last time we saw her, and that was great.