Dare I say I’ve become addicted to working out? I’ve been going to the gym faithfully every morning before work. Not only am I feeling much better health wise, but I must say that I am really enjoying this! Today was a change though – I walked for 15 minutes on the treadmill and then ran the last five minutes. A pretty good pace too. Then I went back this afternoon after work! I swam for 15 minutes (mostly back stroke), then did the treadmill for another 20 minutes, running for 10 of it, and then did the stairstepper for 10. I am completely wiped out but I feel great. I have decided that I am not even getting on a scale until May 15, so I don’t care if I’m losing weight or not. I feel great.

I’ve been eating a little more sensibly too. Which is probably good for me as well.

I’ve gotten over the whole shy thing while at the gym. I now parade around in the locker rooms just like the other guys do. There’s one weirdo in there that I avoid (he seems to take showers and that’s it), but other than that things are going very well. I’m very pleased.

The bathroom is coming along slowly but surely. In fact, the guys are working on it as we speak. They’ve got the floor in and the new studs; hopefully we’ll see some sheetrock up tomorrow. They’ve run some plumbing too, which is nice. We’ve been without heat for the past week, but that’s o.k. because we’ve been enjoying record high temperatures (as I type it’s 81 degrees at 7:05 p.m. – in the middle of April!) I wonder if this means we’re going to have another sweltering summer.

I’m currently waiting for Earl to get home from the gym. I met up with him there – he’s on the company volleyball team so he plays volleyball ’til 8. I’m TiVoing Survivor for him. 🙂 I’m still routing for Kathy – I hope she goes all the way. I really don’t like anyone else on the show – Kathy’s it. I was routing for Hunter too, but they got rid of him so fast. You know, it’s funny because I always condemn these reality shows. But this Survivor is much better than the past two – much more like the first one. I don’t like the other reality shows, though I’ll probably get hooked on Big Brother when it starts up again in July.

I’ve been doing more meditating and reading about Sylvia Browne and Novus Spiritus. I’m feeling more and more spirituality “centered” everyday, and I think it’s showing in my demeanor.

Earl and I are getting together with Dennis and Vic this weekend and hitting the town Saturday night. That should be fun!