March 2002

Well Earl and I went on a date last night! That’s right, the two love birds of almost six years together decided to go on a date. We started off at the Turning Stone Casino, where we had a lovely dinner at the Peach Blossom Chinese Restaurant. Have I ever mentioned that Chinese is my favorite food? We got way too much food and stuffed ourselves beyond belief, but we hadn’t eaten all day so we could get away with it.

After that we went on the casino floor and did some gambling. I did a little bit of roulette but mostly the video games. I broke even, came home with the same amount I went in, so that’s good. Earl did the same – he played mostly roulette as well.

After we left the casino, we threw caution to the wind and went to Syracuse – we decided to go to “Rain”, one of the clubs there. We hadn’t been there since they changed the name to Rain, it was Mr. T’s the last time we were there. Anyway, it was fun, we stayed for a drink or two, enjoyed the eye candy and then decided to call it a night.

Today we did a bit of shopping… at Wal*Mart! Now I’ve been boycotting Wal*Mart in Utica because I think that store is really crowded and dirty. Well, it’s still both, but I put a smile on my face and we did some shopping. We then had a little lunch at Burger King in North Utica – a store that should be avoided at all costs because the staff is an absolute mess in there, and then came home. Also watched Rosie O’Donnell from Friday off of TiVo. Actually, it was Caroline Rhea. I LOVE HER! She is very funny, I’ve been a fan for a long, long time. She’s getting the hang of doing the talk-show host thing – I think she’s going to be fabulous when Rosie retires at the end of this season. It’s sad to see Rosie go, but it’s great that Caroline is going to be taking over the reins.

Tonight I taught Earl how to use “LimeWire”. He’s going crazy with his music now. πŸ™‚

We had a long, long chat about my spending habits. I don’t know how he puts up with me. I had better get my act together. So I threw some more items up on ebay, trying to put more money in ‘kitty’. We really need to remodel the bathroom, and the house in general, so I should concentrate on that as well.

So it’s St. Patrick’s Day today! Since I’m seven parts Irish, I suppose I should be celebrating but I’m not one to be going out and getting drunk and acting foolish in public. I don’t mean to sound stuffy, but I have so much more I can do today. πŸ™‚

How do you like this… I started this entry with Adobe GoLive but ended up installing Macromedia Dreamweaver and using that to finish it up. After trying several different web site managers, I think I’ve settled on Dreamweaver for now.

Friday night we met up with Dennis and Victor and went to Chili’s in Syracuse for dinner. Followed by “The Time Machine” at Carousel Center. We were rather disappointed in the movie. It seemed like it was all about the special effects; there wasn’t really a plot to it. Oh well, can’t have a great movie everytime you go.

Yesterday was the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Utica. Marched along with the rest of the radio station. It was cold! About 27 degrees, but fun nonetheless. Earl and I then did some work around the house and went to the new Applebee’s for dinner.

I must have had a great night’s sleep last night, because I raked out the flower beds today, installed a new doorbell and threw out a bunch of outdated computer junk. Plus, Earl has completed all the laundry and we’ve picked up the house. It’s nice to feel productive once in a while.

I’m just about coming to the end of Book 2 of Sylvia Browne’s “Journey of the Soul” series. I am really, really, really getting into this religious thought. Finally, something that makes sense to me. We’re hoping to find a church nearby that we’ll feel comfortable with. I want to make sure that we go to the church that meets both our needs.

Thursday night we watched Rosie O’Donnell’s interview on ABC Primetime. We’re really liking Rosie’s attitude toward her homosexuality and such. I think because it parallel’s ours. I’ve always thought that I never had to tell anyone that I’m gay. (I know what you’re thinking – it must really be obvious!) Well, I guess it might be, but I’ve always thought that if I didn’t make a big deal about it, then no one else would make a big deal about it, and that theory has been working right along. I think if gay people didn’t make a such a big deal about it, then the rest of the world wouldn’t make such a big deal about it. Except the Bible beaters of course, who contradict themselves more and more each day with their silly arguments. “The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, therefore you are going to hell.” O.k. The Bible also says that if you cut your hair or beard it’s a sin, and therefore you are going to hell as well. I guess they must skip over that part. There was a hilarious list somewhere on the internet about “all sides of the story” when it came to the Bible – I’ll have to see if I can find it.

Tonight it’s “Six Feet Under” followed by “Queer As Folk”. Not really getting into QAF these days. They have such a negative portrayal of gay life going on. Of course, this just perpetuates the hate and such. Homophobes just love to say “that’s how all gay people live”. Of course, after that whacko in Texas we could say that all mothers drown their children, but of course that’s ridiculous. When you point this out it falls on deaf ears, so what are you to do.

Well I better tidy up what’s left of my mess and call it a night!

I am sitting here waiting for Earl to come home. He had to work late tonight, and then he went to work out at the gym. I’m proud of him for sticking to the work out. It’s good for him and it seems to quiet his mind, which is a good thing.

I’m listening to some Native American flute at the moment – with a nice incense burning as well. I try not to burn incense while Earl is in the room, as it bothers his allergies. I find the Native American flute music so relaxing and centering. I wish I could listen to it at work as well, but working for a radio station sort of forces me to listen to the radio while I’m there. πŸ™‚

Tomorrow night we’re heading off to Syracuse with our friends Vic and Dennis. We’re going to Chili’s for dinner – then maybe a movie afterwards. It should be a fun evening, a great way to kick off the weekend.

Saturday we have the St. Patrick’s Day parade for the radio station. It’ll be fun, though it suppose to rain! Dolly Parton once talked about our St. Patrick’s Day parade on Letterman. It seems she was performing here in town and a snow storm had stranded her. She looked out the window of her downtown hotel room (which is only five floors at the most) and saw the St. Patrick’s Day parade – in progress! She got to Letterman the following Monday and told the whole world about it.

My beard is coming all nicely. I was going to go for the big goatee and sideburns, but have decided on a full beard for now. Just in time for spring! I know, I do everything backwards.

The new computer is humming along nicely. I’m installing software, doing a virus scan and working on my journal all at the same time! Let’s here it for the Pentium 4! πŸ™‚

Well the weather outside is frightful…. sing along with me! πŸ™‚ Yesterday it was 70 degrees and quite balmy, today it is 26 and we’re under a “lake snow advisory” again. It’s suppose to warm up to the 40s again tomorrow though, so that’s quite o.k. Had quite a storm last night as the cold front came through – with a nice thunderstorm to boot.

We went for a nice ride yesterday. Started off by getting Earl’s haircut in Syracuse, and then we headed south towards Cortland and Binghamton. Ended up going to Target in Johnson City – it’s always nice to go to Target. I really can’t wait until the one here in town opens up. Picked up a bunch of stuff for the house. We usually spend $400 every time we go to Target, but we didn’t do badly this time – only $204. πŸ™‚

One of the things we did get was “SimCity 3000”. I haven’t played SimCity in years, and I am having a ball. I’ve been fooling around with it for the past four hours. Let’s see if I can keep my city out of bankruptcy! πŸ™‚

Had a nice lunch after Earl’s haircut at Brooklyn Pickle. Very healthy meal. Then after our stop to Target in Binghamton, we took the long way home. We decided on a quick meal at McDonalds on the southside of Oneonta. Mistake. Seems they were having a birthday party there and nobody could be bothered to wait on the line of customers at the counter. So, instead of getting all worked up about it, we decided to leave and headed across the street to Wendy’s. McDonalds is definitely on the JPSL now.

We did watch “Cast Away” last night on DVD. What a wonderful movie. I’m glad that we purchased it! πŸ™‚

Well I should get my butt in gear and do something other that SimCity today.

Oh, I’ve decided to go with a really big goatee and sideburns (after all this time clean shaven). If you want to see progress, you can follow along here.

Well I’m sitting here at my computer trying to relax, and Earl is surfing the internet on his computer as we speak. Apparently, he’s wandered into the “gay men’s chat room” on some weird service, and they’re all singing karaoke over the microphones into the chat room. It’s the worst music I’ve heard since I listened to the local Top 40 radio station.

It’s funny, because I used to be a Top 40 DJ, then a Program Director. I was responsible for how my station sounded – the music, the jocks, the contests, everything. But I must be getting old or something, because I really, really, really don’t like Top 40 music anymore. It’s just not my thing anymore. There’s no thought or creativity into the music at all. It’s all computers and computers and more computers, with a fairly absurd looking young man or woman lip-synching to the music that their Mac or PC generated. I mean, the first time I saw ‘N Sync, I wondered why the guy had a mop on his head but it turned out to be his hair.

I much prefer listening to NPR these days. My favorite program on NPR is “All Things Considered”. The local NPR station is WRVO-FM. Since they’re doing such a fine job, I’ll give them a link as well. πŸ™‚ Earl and I make contributions to that station several times a year. I feel much more in tune with what’s happening in the world by listening to NPR. I guess Johnny boy is growing up.

We had my Dad and his girlfriend Karen over for dinner Sunday night, along with Karen’s son Colin. It was a really nice time. Earl went all out cooking up a fabulous meal – he always does that and is always supportive of my family. The conversation was great, and it was the first time that my sister met Karen and Colin. I think everyone got along splendidly, and we’re looking forward to doing it again soon.

I checked in on my Mom tonight – she’s walking around with walking pneumonia these days. As if pneumonia wasn’t bad enough, someone had the bright idea to make it walk. Ha ha such wit. Anyways, she’s drudging through it, but she says she’ll be through it soon enough. I worry about her. I’m trying to get her to become more grounded, and start concentrating on her spirituality a little bit. I think it’ll help her. So when I meditate I pray for her, and bask her in emerald green light to help her with her illness.

I’m working my way through Sylvia Browne’s “Journey of the Soul” series. I’m on Book 2. It’s very interesting. I actually look forward to reading it. I’m trying not to rush through it so I can savor all the information.

Tonight we kicked back and watched “Bewitched” along with “The West Wing”. You know, “The West Wing” is so cleverly written. A very enjoyable show. And of course “Bewitched” is timeless. I can’t wait to see what Columbia Pictures has planned for the 40th anniversary of Bewitched. I’m hoping for a DVD set with hidden goodies. I guess we’ll have to wait for two years and see what they do.

Work has been going along splendidly, if not at a rather hectic pace. Have you noticed that time seems to be speeding up somehow? Now I don’t want to sound like a loon, but it really feels like time is flying by much faster than it did before.

Well I’m going to meditate and call it a night.