Well here we are at high speed on the internet! Pardon my French, but this is fushin’ awesome! I left work today at 12:30 p.m., eagerly anticipating the arrival of our satellite installation guy. Well he arrived at 2:30. I just love how the cable and satellite people give you a time like “between 1:00 and 5:00”. It’s a good thing that things are slow at work and I had a little flexibility in my schedule. Anyways, he added another dish to the collection on our milkhouse (which now brings us to FOUR dishes – one for DirecTV, one for DirecPC, the old DirecPC one and the old Primestar dish. The neighbors are going to think we’re weird. I’ll have to take down the non-functional dishes when the weather settles down.

Anyways, the install went flawlessly, and now we are just cruisin’ along on the internet. Where it used to take 10 minutes to download a 2MB file, I downloaded a 3.5MB file today in FIVE SECONDS. Absolutely amazing. This even blows away the system at work. Now I don’t have to abuse company resources anymore – I can use the system at home. Plus, it doesn’t tie up the phone lines, which is very nice as well. Definitely a GREAT investment.

Earl’s been doing some surfing online as well. He’s very pleased with the new system.

You know how sometimes you get a song in your head and it makes you crazy until you hear it for real? That happened to me last night. I was saying my nighttime prayers, which includes the Lord’s Prayer, and I got that folk song version of The Lord’s Prayer going through my head and I couldn’t fall asleep. It’s funny, because that’s how my mother taught my sister and I the Lord’s Prayer, with that song. Anyways, after a little bit of research at 11:30 last night, I found out that the version I was singing in my head was by Sister Janet Mead and was a Top 10 song in 1974. I downloaded it, and now I can play it at my convenience.

Driving into work today I dug out one of my old Human League CDs. They may have not been the most talented, but I do really, really, really enjoy their music. It has a sort of “ordinary folk” feel to it. I was grooving on “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” on my way into work, and the underrated “Heart Like A Wheel” on the way home. It was kind of cool.

I’m really liking this trial version of IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder. I think I might by it for real when the time comes around.