A lovely weekend in the Cochran-Wing household. Earl is busy working on taxes on his computer next to mine. I am sitting here being a geek and moving all of our Dreamscape stuff over to Earthlink. That’s why we’re at this new location. Hope you found us o.k.! 🙂

I took the day off on Friday. We were originally suppose to go to New York this weekend, but timing wasn’t quite right, so we’ve postponed it until February. But I kept the day off anyway. I did something I’ve never done before. Thursday night as we were watching “Crossing Over with John Edward” (we tape it everyday), I got this strong urge to have a bag of popcorn from K-mart. Not just any K-mart, but the K-mart in Mattydale (suburban Syracuse). Now, I haven’t been to that K-mart in years, but my grandmother used to take us shopping there from time to time, and we’d routinely eat in the K-mart Cafeteria in the back or we’d get a bag of popcorn. I could actually TASTE and SMELL the popcorn Thursday night. So, on my day off on Friday, I drove to Mattydale, and got a bag of popcorn and ate the majority of it. I then drove out to the cemetery where my grandparents are buried, and left the rest for them (minus the bag). I figured if they didn’t eat it, the birds would. I felt such a wonderful feeling of well-being while I was doing this. I got a little emotional while I was there, but it wasn’t sadness, it was more of just a flooding of all sorts of emotions. I hadn’t been to their grave site in a couple of years, and I’m glad that I went. I don’t know if meditating is putting me more in touch with my inner feelings or not, but I’m glad that I took the opportunity to do this.

On another spooky note, Friday night I had a wonderful dream about starting up my computer business again. I haven’t been doing much with Intellimedia Computer Services, but I feel like I’ve matured in my business sense enough to make a serious go of this. Since I’m starting it up again, I’ve decided to give it a more generic name, something with a little bit of flair, and something that touches up my nostalgic streak. So introducing…

That’s right, it’s called Zayre Electronics. To me, “Zayre” has a 21st century, ‘growth’ oriented sound to it, much like Zephyr, and it’s unique. Right now, I’m focusing on ebay sales and computer repairs. Who knows where it’ll go from here; I do have big hopes.

Yesterday Earl and I went grocery shopping at Super Wal*mart of all places. Now, I will absolutely not set foot in the local Wal*mart, but the Super Wal*mart in Herkimer is pretty decent, and we were able to get quite a bit of shopping done.

Last night we went to the movies and saw “Ocean’s Eleven”. We both really enjoyed the movie – but boy did it snow while were in there. We had to clean a couple of inches of snow off the car, and the roads were crappy coming home.

Today is a kick back and get organized day. Every week, we do a little more to get our house back in order, and I’m happy to say that this project is about complete!