I am sitting on hold with Earthlink (the internet company) as I type this journal entry. They are in the process of securing jpnearl@earthlink.net for our e-mail address again. Earl and I have decided to purchase a high speed internet connection through Earthlink. Living in the country like we do, we’re very limited on internet connection options – dial-up, which is very slow, and two-way satellite, which is expensive but fast. So we’ve decided to go with the Direcway two-way satellite system through Earthlink. So this is an exciting time in my geek life!

They just picked up and asked me the last two letters of my old password when I had an account with them before. Oh jeez! I am suppose to remember that? 🙂 I’m a good little computer boy and rotate my passwords monthly, so it could be one of a bunch of things. I just gave her the right one on the first try! Must be I’m not rotating my password enough. 🙂 Whoops, I’m talking to her again.

Well I just got off the phone. It’s confirmed – we’re getting high speed satellite internet within the next 10 business days – our new e-mail address is back to jpnearl@earthlink.net. It’s the address we had up until September.

I had a really vivid dream last night – I think my spirit guide or at the least, my subconcious, was reminding me how happy my childhood really was. I remember hanging out with my family, but Earl was there to, doing the things we used to do when we were kids – hang out at the airport (my dad is a private pilot), enjoy a picnic… I was near tears when I woke up this morning! In the very last part of the dream, I remember sitting on my dad’s living room floor petting our old family cat Waldo. He’s the cat in the picture of me as a kid on our “About Us” page. Needless to say, upon waking, I promptly said a prayer and a hearty thank you to God for giving me that wonderful dream. It was like an emotional boost for me. I’ve been feeling a little weird about my family over the past year or so, there’s been quite a bit of conflict, with my parents separating and some other “issues”. I’m sure it’s chicken feed compared to what other families go through – but I was the type of kid that lived in a “Bewitched”-type happy existence. Very content to live in my own little world – much like Tobey Maguire in Pleasantville. 🙂 So the affirmations in the dream were very nice.

Then I popped onto ebay, and what do you know – our auctions are going along NICELY. I’m very pleased.

Now I’m going to meditate and head off to bed.