I once worked with a woman that could not effectively do her job unless she was stoned. When she was in that state I had to speak slowly and deliberately, but I knew how the system worked and I could manipulate the scenario to my advantage. Since she owned the company with her husband, who also enjoyed the same escape this she did, as Director of Operations I knew to ask for budget boosts in the afternoon after the lunch break. The glaze pays.

To be fair, they were both on their game when they partied.

I’ve never been stoned. I’ve been drunk plenty of times; this may be one of those times, but I’ve never drank at work or anything like that. My job requires focus and discipline and I try really hard to maintain both as the situation warrants.

Outside of work I may have a few beers. I like exploring new beers. I like dark porters. They kick my ass a little bit. Thank god we live within walking distance of where I had my last beer.

Blessed be.


Flipping through YouTube while writing code today, a scene from “A Very Brady Sequel” came up as a suggestion. I took a peek and faster than Roy Martin could eat Alice’s spaghetti I realized the Brady’s have the very same clock Grandma City had for very many years.

And then there was happiness.


I’ve started this blog entry three times. At first I was going to write a rant about the latest idiocy from Trump but then I decided it wasn’t worth my time. How any American citizen can still support this idiot is beyond my comprehension, but then again, I don’t understand how people enjoy giving an time to a Kardashian, so I’m often out of step with those around me.

I then thought I could write something witty about the latest idiocy from Trump but we are way beyond any of this being a laughing matter. Recently, when asked how much I enjoyed age 50, I quipped that I was happy to be halfway through my life and that lingering damage done by this administration may screw up only half my existence. The first half was a great run. I hope there’s a country, even a planet, for the second half of my life. And quite frankly, there’s nothing funny about that.

Trump’s little flip-flop maneuver on the word “would” vs “wouldn’t” this afternoon, after he realized that the majority of intelligent Americans were freaking out about his remarks in Helsinki yesterday, is just another example of how stupid too many in the United States really can be. Anyone accepting his explanation that he “misspoke” yesterday, albeit one word, which is completely out of character for the entire theme of his remarks yesterday, née, his entire presidency, is an unabashed idiot.

I can’t believe how stupid people have become. I can’t believe this guy is still in office. In an alternate timeline, Hillary has secured healthcare for everyone and we are now working on getting the homeless fed and off the streets.


So today I turned 50. Realistically speaking I have probably reached the halfway point of my life. Also realistically speaking it just keeps getting better.

I’ve been dreading turning 50 for the past several months. All of the fretting was for naught because quite honestly I woke up this morning the happiest I’ve been in years.

I’ve made it to 50 with relative ease and I shall now work on making it to 100 in the same manner.

Earl and I are exploring this weekend. We are spending the night in LaCross, Wisconsin. No wonder my Jeep Wrangler has nearly 156K miles on it.


Earl, Jamie, and Chris gave me an afternoon at the “man spa” today. Festivities included a 90 min deep tissue massage, my first mani-pedi, and my first hour long facial.I feel amazing!


I’ve been avoiding politics on Twitter. I unfollowed a bunch of journalists that habitually retweet each other. I’ve blocked a few extra keywords from appearing in my timeline. I’m using the Twitter app the make the platform less appealing to me and I no longer wear pearls; lest I won’t clutch them during the Twitter Outrage-Du-Jour.

In short, I strive to throw water on the raging dumpster fire of the platform instead of gasoline.

It’s not that things are getting any better, quite the opposite. We are rapidly heading into the age of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, but so many in society are incapable of separating reality from reality television or dystopian television shows and movies in general, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Honestly, I’m tired. I just want to nap until someone else, anyone else, takes the high-chair in the Oval Office.

American news broadcasts are useless. There is no reporting anymore; it’s all speculation, conjecture, and opinion. I follow Al Jazeera and the BBC.

I don’t want to be part of this team sport we call politics anymore. I want to be part of a sane society that encompasses the world.

It’s a shame I’ll probably never see it in my lifetime.


The Netflix series “Easy” is filming in our neighborhood this week. Earl and I couldn’t recall the series when we saw the signs posted along nearby streets, but then we looked it up at home and realized we had watched some episodes back when we lived in Central New York.

We started watching season two this evening.

I remembered enjoying the series when watching season one last year (before our move), watching season two is extra fun because we live in the same city as where the series takes place and was filmed. This never happened when we lived in Utica, because after all, the only thing that took place in Utica was the first episode of a Jenny McCarthy flop, and that wasn’t even filmed in Utica.

If you want to see what it’s about, here’s a link to the show on Netflix.
“Easy” on Netflix. The “new” content channels are so much better than the traditional networks.

“Easy” is on on our binge list for the month. We’ll have to check out the filming going on later this week.

Brown Line View.

The two tourists sitting in front of us on the Brown Line, pointing out landmarks as we went along, inspired me to snap this photo from the moving train. I feel a love for this city that others find unbelievable. Chicago gets a bad rap, and there are small pockets of bad places in the city, but overall I love it here and moving here was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Seek your happiness so you can find it.