This past Saturday my husband and I decided to go for a drive. This is not unusual for us; we enjoying meandering around this great country of ours. Instead of heading to the northwest toward Phoenix we decided to head to the southeast toward the city of Sierra Vista. Near Sierra Vista is Fort Huachucha, a good sized Army base. I always enjoy seeing Army folks out and about. Our men and women in uniform never fail to impress me, even when they’re walking through a Walmart or something. Plus, it reminds me a little bit of growing up fairly close to Fort Drum in Upstate New York. Plus, I do enjoy the eye candy.

We settled eating supper in Sierra Vista at a place called “The Pit Stop” (link goes to their Facebook page). A somewhat small space, we had a really good time there and the food was excellent. I told Earl it was reminiscent of what I try to seek out when I’m chasing storms. They did not disappoint.

The servers could be described as what I would call “zesty”. They knew how to interact with the locals and visitors alike with a certain sting with a smile. Down home goodness, right there.

We look forward to going back.