So tonight I finished up flying instrument approaches with safety pilot Soleil so I can maintain my currency as an instrument rated pilot. With this rating I am able to fly in the clouds, when I can not see outside the airplane, relying completely on instruments. It’s a little tricky; without outside references the body likes to lie to you in relation to your position in space. And when you can’t see the runway, there are specific approach procedures that must be followed to assure the runway will be where it’s suppose to be and that you won’t bash into anything on the way down.

It’s all quite clever.

Tonight I flew three approaches to maintain that currency and I flew the airplane like it was on rails down to the designated runway. The clouds were simulated through the uses of “foggles” and Soleil kept an eye outside to make sure there wasn’t anything in the way between the airplane and where I intended it to go.

It was a great feeling to exercise this skill. Flying is awesome.