Earl gave me a telescope for my birthday earlier this month. Unfortunately, it was damaged in shipment and we had to send it back to the company; the replacement arrived yesterday and we assembled it today.

I’m excited about this Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ telescope, as it works with an app on my iPhone, which will be situated in the mount on the right side of the telescope, and the app will guide me to the various things I’m searching for in the night sky.

I have always enjoyed gazing at the stars and this gift was a complete surprise. When I was a youngster, Grandpa Country had a telescope he would set up in the driveway once or twice a year to gaze at the moon. He had a lot of books on astronomy scattered on the various tables in the living room; and I have one of his smaller telescopes from his estate (a table top model).

I’m looking forward to the first clear night I can take this new telescope out for fun; it looks like it may be a few nights before I have the opportunity as Monsoon ‘23 has finally kicked in and I’ve been enjoying thunderstorms.

The natural beauty of the Universe, in tandem with everything Mother Nature does here on our little rock around Sol, is so fascinating to me.