Me Day.

I told my husband I was going out for a bit. “Please wash the car if you have the chance.”

It’s the first thing I did. Yay for Mister Car Wash and our subscription! Just drive through the Members Only lane, follow the instructions of the nice attendant and viola, clean car.

I decided to go to the local mall. Park Place is in pretty good shape, despite Macy’s leaving during the pandemic. I enjoy the Nordstroms, the mall is well populated, and the air conditioning works brilliantly. Air conditioning is important when it’s 100F outside.

I found myself in the mood for Chinese food, so I stopped by for a fairly healthy selection from the Panda Express in the food court. Afterwards I did some laps around the mall to get some steps in and then I went to one of those mall massage places. Since there’s big windows looking in I don’t have to worry about something weird going on, so I opted for a 45 minute rubdown.

I was thrown around, prodded, plodded, punched, kneaded, and elbowed the entire time. See? Nothing weird going on and I feel wonderful.

I then opted to do a bunch of laps around the mall again before heading out and parking at our favorite Starbucks. I brought my older laptop along because it hadn’t had exercise in a while and I’m feeling extra geeky today. Someone just said, “YES” to me when they spotted my “Janeway For President” sticker.

I’ve been assigned the task of picking up coat hangers on the way home. I’m not gay enough to know whether I’m suppose to get metal, wood, or plastic coat hangers so I’ll just pick up ones that look like a good deal and call it a day.

Wish me luck.