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Ordering things online is convenient. While I tend to look away from Amazon for my purchases, in the interest of supporting smaller companies and entrepreneurial folks looking to make their place in the world, there are times when I find this practice irksome: when folks send two, three, four or more emails a day after my purchase has been signed, sealed, delivered.

I recently bought an item from a small company here in the southwest. I’m quite pleased with the product but when I look at it now all I can think of is the constant barrage of email from this company, trying to convince me to buy something, anything, something, anything again right now.

Of course, in an interest of escaping the mountain of email from this vendor I go to Facebook or something (I know, I shouldn’t do that) where I’m assaulted with ads for the product I just bought, from the company I just signed, sealed, and delivered my transaction with.

I’m trying to cuss less so I won’t type the words that are on my mind around the subject.

I do know I won’t buy from this small company again and I’ll just pay a few pennies less and go the Amazon approach. ‘Tis quite sad, really, but when I’m irked, I’m irked.