When I was a lad in elementary school Grandpa City retired from his job at the country club. Retirement was apparently an exciting thing that happened when one got older and he seemed happy to be retiring. At least that’s how I remember things.

After he retired we spent a few days visiting and I was curious as to why he and Grandma were still getting up quite early? If they didn’t have to go to work, why not get a few extra winks?

Now that I’m in my middle 50s, I’ve discovered the reason: even me, one of the strongest “not a morning person” type of people around, now gets up at sunrise and actually feels awake, alert, and productive in the early morning. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa City didn’t have a cat making louder and louder demands at the crack of dawn like we occasionally do here in the desert, but I’m finding my natural wake up time seems to be following the patterns of the sun a bit. Whether I’m up late or not the night before, I’m waking up with the sunrise.

I’m ready to retire.