Last week Apple announced they are discontinuing their iPod product line. The last survivor of iPods is the iPod Touch, which is basically an older iPhone without cellular capabilities. Apple sold out of the last generation of iPod Touches shortly after their announcement.

Pictured above are our two original iPods. I bought my husband his first iPod, as shown on the left. That third generation iPod had 10GB of hard drive space, because why would he need more than 10GB of space for anything in 2003? The iPod was my husband’s second Apple device, which I gave him shortly after he moved to his “lampshade” iMac that I always adored.

The iPod on the right, my original iPod, had the minimum 20GB of hard drive space when it was given to me as a gift from my husband. I had discovered iTunes not long before and he thought this would be a nice addition to my technology collection. Little did he know I would go full blown Apple fanboy because of this iPod. It wasn’t long after that I purchased a refurbished Apple Power Mac G4 and the moved onto my first PowerBook, also with a G4 processor.

I’m sad to see the iPod line to go away; it changed the way everyone consumed music and was definitely a contributor to where we are today with technology. I’m happy to know that I have kept our original iPods locked away for safe keeping. I have no idea if they’d ever power up again. I might have to find the proper cables and a computer with a FireWire port to give them a spin again.