May 23, 2022


Our Jenn-Air cooktop is served by a 30 amp circuit. The range requires a 45 amp circuit, but we confirmed the circuit breaker is rated for 30 amps and the wiring that runs under the kitchen marble tile and through the foundation pad is rated at 30 amps. Whatever cooktop resides in our current configuration will have 30 amps.

Chris decided to invest in a new cooktop and went with a glass topped induction cooktop by Frigidaire. It’s part of their Gallery collection. Chris and Mike installed it over the weekend. As an induction cooktop it doesn’t draw as much power so we can use more than one or two burners at any given time without fear of burning the house down. The Jenn-Air cooktop was 45-inches, but they’re not in style or not really available anymore, so the new cooktop is a 36-inch model. Chris fashioned a work area cutting board/utensils rest area for one side, stained it to match the cabinets, and installed it with great success.

I’ll have to share a picture later in the week.