Freeze Frame.

I’ve been watching “Bewitched” for as long as I can remember. It’s probably still my favorite show of all time and if I had to choose a favorite era from the show, it’s the first season when Samantha and Darrin were still in the honeymoon phase.

Samantha’s cousin Serena, also played by Elizabeth Montgomery but billed as “Pandora Spocks” in the later years, was introduced in season two. When we first met Serena she was quite sultry; as the series went on she got a bit more kooky. I never count the episode where she was a hippie and wearing long blonde hair, as that never made sense.

Since Lizzie played both roles, 1960s and ’70s technology was used to make this happen. Most often a shot would feature Lizzie’s stand-in, Melody McCord, with her back to the camera. In the standard definition days you would occasionally get a quick glimpse of Melody as either Sam or Serena with her face towards the camera, usually in a very quick shot.

With “Bewitched” episodes restored to quality far surpassing what was available in the 1960s and through the magic of computers, it’s easy to see Melody front and center in either role. In the photo above we can see Melody coming through the front door as Serena.

Melody McCord had a recurring role on “Falcon Crest” and Melody the maid. She was also the stand-in for Goldie Hawn in “Death Becomes Her”. She passed in December 2004. She was more than a decade younger than Elizabeth Montgomery.