I took today off from work. It would have been unfair for me to claim I was working from home when in fact I’d most likely be wrapped up in election results, so I decided to just use some of the vacation time I have left in the hopper. It’s openness and honesty that’s contributed to successfully working from home for a decade.

The news pundits are claiming we won’t know who the next President of the United States is today, even though it’s starting to lead toward Biden at this moment. This could change at any time. Whatever is going on, the truth of the matter is, it shouldn’t be this close. It shouldn’t have come down to this. Why nearly 50% of the American electorate would continue to support Trump is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps they’re tired of wearing a mask or something.

I’m trying to avoid doomscrolling Twitter and getting wrapped up in the theatrics. It’s easier to be calm and cool about these things in the morning. The night of Election Night can be too frenetic.

I must be getting old; I’m finding the mornings to be easier to manage.