March 5, 2020


I love the fact we have construction going on in our neighborhood. It’s great to live in a place that’s growing. When moving to Chicago we picked our neighborhood because it was “Up and Coming”.

I’m delighted to see this continue two and half years later.

One of the latest projects is the removal of an abandoned lumber yard down the street. The location had evidence of being closed long before we moved into our condo and I was hoping someone would do something with the lot. It’s a good location: it’s adjacent to a Trader Joe’s and is within very reasonable distance of two ‘L’ stations on the CTA’s Brown Line. There’s also a wide selection of restaurants, pubs, comedy clubs, and unique little shops within walking distance. The Lake is a reasonable walk away. The only concern is, like our building, it’s between the METRA and CTA tracks in the neighborhood. This isn’t an issue for us as our building is well constructed and we hardly hear the ‘L’ or the METRA. Although, we do need to run white noise stuff while sleeping to block out some of the rumble.

A quick web search revealed a six-story building is going in this location and it will have 62 housing units. Because our neighborhood is considered a “high density environment”, mostly due to its location near public transportation, I believe at last tally this building will have only 42 parking spaces. I haven’t seen plans for the building yet, but the Chamber of Commerce mentioned it will be patterned from the nearby Grace Pointe building that opened late last year, about a block away from this location.

I’ll enjoy watching the progress of this revitalized location this year.