Sitting on the couch.

Yesterday we broke down and turned on the heat. Since making this adjustment on our fully computerized thermostat, the furnace has not turned on, yet the temperature has gone up. Living in a condo building has its advantages, we just get heat from our neighbors. Let them pay the gas bill.

This blog was down for about 48 hours due to changes on the server made by my web hosting company. They were fast to respond and had things back up and running within 20 minutes of my opening a ticket. This made me happy, but I don’t think anyone noticed. I need to blog more.

I’m sitting on the couch relaxing in front of my MacBook Pro, the television is playing in the background. I believe we watching a Dog Show, but I’m not sure. Apparently tomorrow is a big shopping day. The retailers really want us to buy a lot of gifts this year. I feel like it’s more important to be with friends and family and tell them than to give them a lot of gifts. I say this every year. I still end up buying a lot of gifts. Maybe I’ll bake something instead.

Dinner is at 3:00 p.m. today. Earl has been busy in the kitchen for the past two days. I’m starting to feel Thanksgiving smells from that part of the house. I’m looking forward to some family time with the four of us today.