Sometimes I look at Monday with a little bit of dread. I’m like most people in that regard, I suppose, because it means the weekend is over and it’s time to get to work. Who came up with the idea to work 1/3 of the day for over 2/3 of the week, anyway? I should read up on the history of that.

Today I was up at 6:00 a.m. and headed out for my morning walk. I try to walk two to three miles before starting the workday. On the days I skip my morning walk I’m a big lethargic during the day. On the other hand, if I get up at 6:00 a.m. after a restless night’s sleep, I’m lethargic as well. It’s a balancing act.

The walk worked today, as I found my balance, but only for most of the morning. Come lunch time I was tired. I snuck a power nap on the couch around lunch time and then I made it through the afternoon. I crossed off the requisite items on my To Do list at the end of the day, and more importantly, I achieved Inbox Zero nirvana, so there’s that.

I’m currently sitting in a Starbucks in Lincoln Square because I needed a change of view for a few moments. Some decorations are up on the street light poles, signaling the arrival of the Holiday Season (even though it’s not Thanksgiving yet). As long as I’m not being assaulted with Christmas music I’m good. I like the twinkling of the lights. They make me smile.

This Starbucks has indie sounding music playing. There is not sign of that Mariah Carey tune that gives me HTSD (Holiday Traumatic Stress Disorder). I wouldn’t mind if I never heard that song again.

Holiday spirit on a lively Monday or not, I’m not ready for crass commercialism.