Road Trip.

I had told Earl that when it was time to take the Jeep out to Chicago for the big move that I wanted to take two days to make the drive. This week has been occupied with packing, taking care of airplane ownership business, connecting utilities, disconnecting utilities, packing some more and deciding what was going to make the trip to move and what would be sold in our house sale in September.

I started the drive to Chicago this morning. We don’t close on the condo until Wednesday, and therefore we won’t be moving in until Wednesday at lunch time, but in order to accommodate a sane work schedule, we are driving the two vehicles out this weekend. Earl leaves tomorrow morning and will take all Interstate roads, I’m taking the back roads for the trip. I don’t like driving the Jeep at high rates of speed for extended periods of time, because it really is a backcountry/slower speed vehicle, so I’ve been meandering near the Interstates by way of local and U.S. routes.

The drive is pleasant. I’m stationed for the night in Clyde, Ohio in the last room available in this hotel. I’m continue my meandering in the morning with plans on arriving in Chicago tomorrow around dinner time.

The adventure has just begun.