There’s some sort of saying about a frog in a pot of boiling water that doesn’t realize he’s being boiled to death and just sits there until he dies. The water just keeps getting warmer and warmer and he’s comfy and then he’s dead. Done.

I feel like that’s the current state of the United States of America. “I can watch my reality shows, I can be appalled by the airlines and other media driven outrages, I can eat my McDonalds, I’m good.”

While traveling last week I was able to steer clear of social media for a bit, especially during the work portion of my trip. When crashing for the night at the hotel after a long day of work in an isolated conference room, I didn’t really have the energy to go through to see what Trump and friends had been up to so I used the barometer of, “well, I’m still alive and I don’t see missiles in the air, so he must not have found the button yet” and figured I’d live another day and probably get home to see my husband and family.

Once back in Central New York I started catching up on the latest political and other news and I’m finding myself feeling depressed. At least when we’re in Chicago or when I’m in Greenville for work there’s enough going on around me to keep my mind occupied enough to not focus the shenanigans in our government.

The president has the lowest approval ratings in modern history of any new president in their first 100 days. He has accomplished little to nothing, despite the fact that all the chips (Republican Senate, Republican House, etc.) are all on his side. Demonstrations of historic proportions are taking place all over the globe. The man can’t put together a coherent sentence or even contiguous thought but there is a sizable number of people that would vote for this idiot again without question.

Take three minutes out of your day and watch this.

In the mid 1980s I had nightmares about Nuclear Armageddon and similar scenarios. When the Cold War calmed down those nightmares went away for the most part. They were replaced by environmental disaster films in my head that, while scary, were somewhat survivable. With the election of Trump and his apparent need to seek out some sort of disorganized attack on someone in the world, coupled with his constant screeching about beefing up the military, I’m now losing sleep on a regular basis wondering if civilization is going to survive another day with this man in the White House (occasionally) and the nightmares are back in full force.

All because people are content with being ignorant. And petty. And honestly, just plain stupid.

While there is bliss in being ignorant of the current political climate and what’s going on in the world, I can’t bring myself to turn a blind eye to what is happening around us. I refuse to boil to death in a pot of hot water when there is some opportunity, any opportunity, to jump out.

Here’s a transcript of Trump’s interview with AP White House Correspondent Julie Chase. If you can translate it into something coherent and not be concerned about the man holding the highest office in the land, then there’s probably not going to be any reason to read this blog or associate with me any longer. We have nothing in common.

Transcript of AP interview with Trump.