August 25, 2014


I am working in the office today. There was no dust on my desk as it has been only two weeks since the last time I sat in my cubicle. I must remember to make the intervals between office visits longer.

The last time I was in town I took a nap during my lunchtime in the closed Burger King parking lot. In that two weeks, the old building has been torn down, plowed over and the foundation for a brand new Taco Bell has replaced it. My napping spot is gone. I have found a new spot to hide in the mall parking lot across the street.  It seems very popular, as many cars are parked along the side, under the trees, much like the way I parked.  We are off the edge of the pavement and on the grass so that we can have maximum shade under the trees, and it’s not even that hot.

There’s a man parked in the truck next to me.  He is rather rough looking and he has a big sign that says he is a Lifetime Member of the Piss and Moan Club. I’d take a photo but I don’t want him to piss and moan.

I decided not last night that I am officially old when I had no comprehension as to the music Jamie was listening to nor did I understand why anyone would want watching the Video Awards that were on last night.  There is a radio blasting out of the rental center in mall; each song has that robotic sound of AutoTune. I am of the belief that if you need AutoTune to be on the radio then you shouldn’t be on the radio. I despise the many abuses of technology today, but AutoTune tops that list. I really despise AutoTune. It’s one of the reasons that my gay card was taken away after I refused to watch “Glee”, all I could hear was the AutoTune. 

I might be cranky about some things.

It is the last unofficial week of summer in these parts and I must say that I’m excited to be getting into my favorite time of the year.  Cooler nights, mystical winds and a “settled” scent in the air suits me just fine. I just wish we didn’t have to deal with winter after autumn.  I am going to take Earl somewhere special on a leaf-peeping trip this year. It is my hope to do it by air.

I have written in my blog in over a week because I haven’t felt motivated to do so. I’m happy that the change of view this afternoon provided sufficient motivation.