Iíve been pretty lazy for the past month or so. I havenít been riding my bike as much as I usually do at this time of year and my body is feeling the effects of that. Sleeping in until I need to go downstairs for work has pretty much been my norm. While I have enjoyed the extra sleep, I have to admit that I havenít liked the way Iíve physically felt during the day as a result of not doing some sort of exercise in the morning.

This morning I decided to change this.

After riding in the ďTour de CureĒ at the beginning of the month, I discovered that the rear tire on my bike wouldnít hold air overnight. Itíd be fine for a short ride; I could go 10-15 miles and itíd be fine when I got back to the house, but I wasnít comfortable with the fact that the next morning the tire would be completely flat so last night I decided to do something about it. Now, Iíve changed tires on the side of the road at least a dozen times, but I just could not get the tire back on the rim last night. A quick trip to Bikes and Boards, where they changed the tire in less than five minutes and I was ready to get back to my old routine this morning.

Even though I was working from home, I set the alarm for 5:45 a.m., did a quick check of my email and then I went for an 18 mile ride (in 80 minutes). The sky had that look of impending rain, but Mother Nature held off. The ride was enjoyable and more importantly, I felt amazing upon arriving home.

Itís all a matter of routine for me.†

My challenge for tomorrow is to maintain the routine again and to resist the urge to sleep in until work time. †Iím going to do it, but itís going to be a challenge.

Iím looking forward to how I feel at this time tomorrow.†