Earl, Jamie and I are sitting in the back patio with a blazing fire in the fire pit. We are sitting on our new patio furniture as we just finished putting together the dining table for our “beach view set” from Lowe’s. The landscaping has been cleaned up and relit courtesy of new solar landscape lighting. We are officially ready to entertain this summer. I encourage folks to come up to our neck of the woods for a visit.

We were originally going to head to my Dad’s tonight for his annual Memorial Day weekend bonfire, but our projects took up more time than anticipated, so Jamie fired up the fire pit we’ve only used once in four years. The fire is quite nice. All that is missing are S’mores.

We went to the local BBQ joint for dinner tonight but they closed (at 8:00 p.m.) just before we arrived. I found this odd; they are a bar and supposedly a North Carolina style BBQ place. I find closing at 8:00 p.m. to be a little much. I now consider them fucktards. It’s a nasty word but the description is apt.

We ended up eating at the Chinese buffet that I affectionately call “China Nazi”, because they bark at you as the seat you, “YOU SIT HERE!”. We ate 90 minutes ago. I’m already eager to graze through the refrigerator. I don’t know what it is about Chinese food but it’s not North Carolina BBQ. I really wanted barbecue tonight. The fire is a good substitute.

I think we might purchase a few more things for the rejuvenated patio before the weekend is done. I’m happy it’s the unofficial beginning of summer, because it’s relaxing moments like this that make me smile.