Back Online.

So I’m sitting in the sun and surfing the ‘net with my new laptop during my lunch hour. The telephone company here, which is of course the telephone company I work for, offers citywide wi-fi for the twin cities here. I naturally have internet access on my Droid but typing a blog entry on any smartphone can be cumbersome. It’s good to enjoy this outdoors and the wi-fi at the same time. This was the one piece of the puzzle that was missing from my commuting experience; I’m happy that I got it resolved.

I put on my Facebook that I will probably delete my account on there before the end of the week. I have been following some of the drama in the tech news about Facebook’s disregard for it’s user’s privacy. Some of it is hysteria but some of it is valid. I have an e-mail account that I only use with Facebook and it has been getting spammed a lot lately. I mentioned six months or so ago that I was called on my cell phone by a weight loss company based on an ad I had clicked on Facebook by mistake. I’m not liking these things, which is ironic since I live my life relatively outloud here on my blog and on various sites scattered about. When I do delete that Facebook account, I’ll still be here and on Twitter. Twitter doesn’t seem to be guilty of the same thing as of yet but I’m keeping my eye on them.

Earl and I once ended up in a bear event ad online – it was a picture of us kissing that was featured. No one asked for our permission to use it and we didn’t really mind but it shows that anything that goes on the internet is fair game, regardless of how much legal mumbo jumbo (or lack there of) may appear on the site.

I have dropped quite a few blogs from my blogroll; I was skimming over the ones that post 20-30 entries a day and decided not to waste the bandwidth at all. The news that was featured wasn’t unbiased and sometimes it felt like nothing more than an attempt to ramp up ad dollars so I just dropped the feed altogether. I feel saner now.