New York, New York.

So Earl, Jamie and I are in Manhattan for the weekend. Tomorrow is Earl’s 50th birthday and when asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said that he wanted to do something special that wasn’t completely outrageous. I really wanted to take him to Las Vegas, and that trip is coming sometime this year, but for now we are in the Big Apple. We are staying right on Times Square in the Hilton. We are on the 40th floor of the hotel and the view is quite nice. Had I remembered to bring my camera I would have posted a lovely picture about here. I hope to have this camera issue rectified tomorrow. I’ll probably borrow Earl’s or one of Jamie’s.

Tonight we are going out for dinner at Joe Allen’s on the recommendation of our friend greg. We’ll probably wander around a bit before and after that as the weather isn’t too bad for this time of year. We have show tickets for tomorrow night. Other than that our weekend is pretty much open and we are staying until Monday. This is all good.


  1. Hey, what do you know! Earl is one day ahead of my birthday…..at least you know good people to hang around with in life when you see them. Big hugs to you all for a great weekend.

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