I left work early today because I wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t wrought with coughing or sneezing, though I did have a few spells of each. I felt a little feverish. My stomach was flip flopping around a bit. As I colorfully explained to my supervisor upon my decision to go home today, “I’ve destroyed the bathroom a couple of times this morning.” He chuckled. It wasn’t a laughing matter as I was dead serious.

I came home shortly before lunch and took a long nap. Feeling much better after the apparently needed sleep (though I slept great last night), I kept it low key around the house for the rest of the day; I finished up laundry, I cooked some supper, I washed dishes and I chatted with friends online. I didn’t do anything that really required effort. It was a simple day and I think that’s what the doctor ordered.

Following in the theme of simplicity I deleted a bunch of online accounts I don’t use anymore and moved things off the smattering of computers around here so that I am pretty much using only my MacBook Pro for my day to day stuff. It’s working out better this way. I have finally wrapped my head around this computer and I feel the same way about this computer that I felt about my older PowerBook. We have become friends. It’s taken a while.

In this day and age it can be really tempting and really easy to complicate one’s life to the point of needing ADD to keep up with it all. Luckily I have a good dollop of ADD in my wiring to make good attempts in this arena but in reality I like the simple life. Actually, I like being connected the world in a simple way. I like the quietness of the country, I like the clouds rolling by and I like peering in on The Big Picture from my own private view.

Rest and relaxation today helped with slightly nudging me back on track. Nothing was out of control, nothing had derailed, but I had a little rattle that needed some fine tuning.

I’m ready for the holidays now.