I’m on my lunch hour as I write this. I’m plowing through a plate of leftovers from last night’s BBQ chicken. It’s tasty. I do chicken right.

I keep forgetting what day it is. Having Monday off, working Tuesday and then having Wednesday off gives work a little touch of whimsy and a big helping of disconnection, but coupled with the rapidly shrinking size of the group I work in, there isn’t really anyone around to notice. I have noted that the people that are left are sitting in the old cubicles. The new ones are empty.

On my day off yesterday I spent the day familiarising myself with Windows 7 Ultimate again. At the end of the day was the big announcement from Microsoft that the public beta of Office 2010 was available for immediate download. I installed it last night. I have only messed around with it a very little bit but so far I like what I see. Ironically, I’m typing this blog entry on my MacBook Pro which is running Snow Leopard.

Earl is back from his trip to Arizona, having plopped into bed around 1 a.m. Actually it was a swing and a plop, because he had to move the bed to plug in his CPAP and then swing back into position. Then he plopped into bed. Apparently I slept through all of that.

I’m not quite on my game today as far as feeling good health wise. I’m just a little bit off center. I think that’s why my body is craving extra calories and therefore, I continue to plow through my leftovers.