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Today was spent at The Magic Kingdom, which is now apparently called “Magic Kingdom Park”. Since we conquered Tomorrowland last night, we spent most of our time in the other themed areas of the Magic Kingdom.

We went on our usual selection of attractions: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad. We also hit the Country Bear Jamboree, Philharmagic, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted House and It’s A Small World. The Hall of Presidents was closed, I have a feeling they’re adding President Obama to the mix.

Later this evening I commented to Earl that the human race isn’t disappointing me too badly on this vacation, cell phone use has been discrete and non-intrusive for the most part. I’m somewhat impressed.

The park was quite busy with it being a National holiday and all but enjoyable nonetheless.

On the recommendation of Greg in Connecticut we went to Bongo’s at Downtown Disney for dinner. I found it to be quite nice. I had my first cerviche (quite tasty) and I discovered Ironbeer Soda. It’s not quite birch or root beer or cream soda, but it was quite tasty. I highly recommend it.

There was recently an article on MSNBC proclaiming the return of beards and moustaches; the male population here at Disney supports that fact. I’ve been taking fan photos. I’ll have to share them once I sort them out.