Creative Leftovers.

Right on schedule, the “mid-winter blahs” made an appearance in my psyche today. I try really hard to fight the annual onset of the blues but sometimes I feel like it’s getting the best of me. To remedy the situation, I gathered up all the returnable pop and beer bottles and took them to the market and then browsed the “Nature’s Way” department, looking for a natural alternative to the crap offered elsewhere on the shelves. The sun peeked out on the ride home, so I took the long way and felt considerably better when I got home.

It’s the classic symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I need to buy one of those light boxes to get an apparently urgent dose of sun-like light.

Earl and I are headed to the House of the Mouse two weeks from today and I’m sure that’ll improve the situation greatly.

When I got home from the market, Earl presented me a tasty salad for lunch, using last night’s leftovers of baked chicken and pasta. He adds roasted red peppers to a good share of his dishes and I must say I always enjoy the added flavour.

Creative Leftovers., originally uploaded by iMachias.