Let’s Get Political.

I just finished watching Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention last night. I’ve never sat through an entire political speech in my life. I watched and listened to every word that Senator Clinton had to say. I teared up.

Here’s the thing. I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton. It is my dream to be able to meet her in person, shake her hand, look her in the eye and simply say “thank you”. I firmly wanted Hillary Clinton as our next President of the United States. I still believe that Hillary Clinton will be the first female President of the United States. She clearly has what it takes.

But it’s not going to happen in 2008.

My support is now fully behind Senator Barack Obama. For the next three months I am going to learn, research and listen to everything I can to know about this man. I know that I won’t be disappointed. When I vote for Obama as President in November, I will be a well-educated voter who is being a responsible American. To do any less is to throw your vote away.

Anyone that votes for Mc Cain out of spite because Senator Clinton is not the Democratic nominee is a dumb shit, plain and simple. Voting for Mc Cain is your way of saying ‘I do not believe in what the Democratic party represents, I do not believe in what Senator Clinton is fighting for, and I am happy with the current direction of the United States.’

Earl and I had dinner at a local Greek restaurant today. Seated next to us was an obnoxious man with obnoxious teenagers and a wife that was oddly dressed like a pimento. They were discussing the Democratic Convention and how absurd it was. The pimento stated she couldn’t bring herself to watch it. I think she had the vapours or something. The ring leader of the bunch went on and on about how Obama doesn’t stand a chance in winning the Presidency. “No one will vote for him”.

I believe he was wrong.

Together, we can make sure he was.

Earl and I kept silent during this loud declaration at the next table as it wasn’t really our place to say anything. Let’s face it, we were eavesdropping. I deduced that they are the product of big government, big corporations and privileged upbringing. Granted it was an assumption, but I had the feeling that they didn’t need to worry about paying medical bills, paying their mortgage or putting food on the table. I envisioned them driving a Hummer, oblivious to the men and women that are dying in Hummers in Iraq in a senseless war.

A vote for Mc Cain is a vote for four more years of the “same same same”. A vote for Mc Cain is a vote for “no, I do not believe you and Earl should be entitled to equal rights.” A vote for Mc Cain is a vote for “only those that can afford exorbitant medical fees should have health care.”

Set the pouting aside, be a good American and make a responsible vote in November.

By the way, if you don’t vote at all in November not only are you a dumb shit, you are a very bad American.