Observations in the Sun.

I am sitting at the Marina along the Erie Canal on an abbreviated lunch hour. Work is very crazy today in that I’m getting a lot of “dumb customer” calls. One woman asked if cat pee would hurt the keyboard. The answer would be “yes”. I remarked on Twitter that perhaps licensing should be required to own a computer.

I am listening to a DJ Feel mix on my iPod; the mix is a gift from dave in Toronto. We are both fans of the work of DJ Feel, a Russian Trance DJ. This mix decidedly different than the other work I have heard from him but equally as enjoyable. His work inspires me to look for more gigs as DJ SuperCub.

A large 747 just flew over the car, it’s headed for the old Air Force base. This 747 has a large radar dish on the top of it, the dish rotates as they fly. How impressively high-tech!

The clouds are giving way to blue sky. My bike ride tonight should be quite enjoyable. The breezes are cool, autumn is warning us of her arrival. I welcome the impending debut of my favorite season of the year.

Life at the Manor has been interesting this weekend. The baby is doing well but Earl and I are definitely not used to a house full of people. It’s all working out but it’s definitely a different experience.