I had my palm read while visiting Jackson Square in New Orleans. The woman was sitting at a card table on the square, dimly lit by the sparse number of street lights and ambient lights from nearby building. Everything was purple: the cushions on the chairs, her head wrap, her robe. I had a choice of having my palm read or a tarot card reading and I chose the former. She dove right in.

As she told me what she was seeing on my hand I couldn’t help but notice the mystical vibe she had going on with her eyes. While she couldn’t really be categorized as having cleanliness as a life priority, her eyes spoke and conveyed just as much as her friendly, confident sounding voice did. I did notice she wasn’t really interested in dental care either.

As she made her way around my hand I was surprised at how accurate she was with my personality traits and the like. Apparently I am going to live a long time and “keep all my marbles” along the way. She gave me numbers and I liked them. I like the sound of her interpretation of what lies ahead.

At the end of the reading she wondered if I had any questions and we spoke briefly around that sort of thing. Her fee was at scale with my satisfaction of the experience and I paid her what I thought my experience was worth. She wishes me a pleasant evening.

It was a very interesting experience. Hearing her beliefs of who I am made me a bit introspective and amped up some of my determination again.

I’d do it again.