I am sitting on the back patio. I’ve been out here a lot lately, usually during my lunch hour when weather permits it. Tonight I mowed the lawn. I don’t particularly enjoy the activity but it has to be done and it takes less than an hour. It’s odd, I enjoy mowing the lawn in May. By August the chore becomes tedious. Nevertheless it gives my mind the opportunity to wander a little bit and explore creative things. As I get older I find that I rarely remember what I daydreamed about by the time the lawn is mowed. Maybe early senility is etting in.

As I sit on the back porch I’m watching the new Air Force folks that moved into the local base do some nighttime training missions. They are chasing each other across the sky, back and forth multiple times, in what appear to be very high-tech jets. They are rather loud but I find them entertaining.

Off in the distance I’m seeing “heat lightning”. I don’t know why we call it heat lightning in these parts but we do. It’s actually just flashes of lightning from a storm near the horizon. I guess that means we may get some thunderstorms tonight.

I wish I could say that sitting on the patio at night is a peaceful, quiet experience, but with the sound of the nearby freeway, the train tracks the run from Albany to Buffalo and the jets doing practice runs across the sky overhead, it’s anything but peaceful and quiet.

Oh well, at least I find it entertaining.