The cell phone thing.

Ok this is my second rant about cell phones this week. I apologise if I sound repetitive.

I am currently sitting in the waiting room of the dentist’s office waiting for Earl. There’s five people in here with me. We are all minding our own business. I am amusing myself on my iPhone chatting with a young guy that was staying in Oriskany (nearby town) last night and he couldn’t find anything to do. Apparently the girl at the front desk was trying to get him drunk. He enjoyed it but he is back next week and needed something else to do. I suggested Saranac Thursday night.

But I digress.

I am silently playing with my iPhone. The only other noise you can hear is the flip of pages of a magazine and an occasional scream of torture from the back. That is to be expected at the dentist. As long as I don’t recognise the voice I’m moderately ok with it.

So in walks a woman who can only be described as appearing trailer trashy. I know that’s a somewhat harsh statement but it is what it is. She flops in a chair and sighs. She cranks up the television and sighs again. I can deal with the sighing; I hate going to the dentist too. Then her cell phone rings. Loudly. A rap tune. She foghorns out a greeting and carries on a conversation loudly. She discusses her day a bit and then about a minute into the conversation she asks who is calling.

Good grief.

The foghorn continues the conversation at her high decibel level and then her name is called. She heads into the exam room and continues the conversation on her phone. I started this blog entry as soon as that occurred and I can still hear her talking. I wonder if she’ll stop to make room for the drill.

I’m such a technology snob but I miss the days of expensive cell phone plans.