Temporary Freeze.

I hereby declare that this whirlwind of a week is temporarily frozen so I can sit down and write a cohesive blog entry.

This week has been insanely busy. I did not plan for this week to be insanely busy but apparently the Universe felt differently. And we all know that when it comes down to one against the Universe, the Universe wins, especially when the Universe has the arsenal black holes and such involved.

Where to begin. Earl and I are having a bear party this weekend. It’s sort of an appetizer for the subsequent bear night at the bar I spin at. Because of this party I’ve been keeping busy making sure the house looks respectable and that the snacks and whatnot will be in order. There’s quite a few guys coming and I think it’s going to be a great time. Let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates, although if folks get snowed into the house I won’t be upset in the least.

School has been going well this week, though the homework has been keeping my busy. Even though this semester has had more homework than previous terms, I feel like all of my homework is geared towards my degree. Aside from the lesson on using my slide rule (WTF?) and doing computations with logarithms I feel like I’m gathering useful information that I’ll need when I’m finally a real Civil Engineer.

In between getting the house ready for company, school work and chatting with friends and family online, I’ve also been engaged in the hyper-amusing activity of keeping the driveway clear of snow. I don’t know if it’s global climate change or what but this winter has been sort of whacky. The traditionally coldest week of the year wasn’t and usually by now the great lakes are frozen enough that we don’t get a lot of lake effect snow. This year seems to be playing by different rules. I guess Mother Nature is shaking it up a bit to keep it interesting. We’ve all heard the reports about the changing weather patterns worldwide; I’m interested to see if we are going to see more severe thunderstorms and such in the spring and summer. I might have to chase me some tornadoes.

Earl and I are going on vacation in a couple of weeks. We are spending most of my spring break in Las Vegas. I’ve planned a couple of side trips courtesy of reading Karl’s blog and I’m looking forward to the adventure. Once upon a time I dreamed of living in the desert in relative isolation. The idea still appeals to me somewhat though I’d rather living in relative isolation in the Irish countryside now. It’s a little greener. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to the trip to Las Vegas and I think that Earl and I are going to have a fabulous time.

Now, back to my whirlwind.