Sleigh Beds Ring.

With the tax returns burning a hole in our pockets, Earl and I decided to make the final purchase necessary for the house. After searching several stores yesterday, we purchased a queen-sized sleigh bed for the “back bedroom”, which is the official guest room here at The JPnEarl Manor.

It’s interesting that I refer to that room as the back bedroom. It’s not really in the back of the house. It’s actually my old office. I suppose it’s the furthest away from the master bedroom so it gets dubbed the “back bedroom”. Grandma and Grandpa City had a “back bedroom”, I guess that’s where I picked the term up from.

Anyway, with the purchase of this sleigh bed (which is to be delivered on Wednesday, let’s hope for ‘woof’ points), our house is now full of furniture. Not bad for 4+ years of living here. We also now have two spare bedrooms, the aforementioned “back bedroom” and the closer bedroom that we call the “boy bedroom”, which is where our fantasy houseboy will sleep. He gets the older full-sized bed.