Highlights In High Tech.

There are times when I have this urgent need to embrace this technological whirlwind that has grabbed our society and somehow be part of it. This is an interesting endeavour for me, because in general I’m not much of a crowd person. I really never have been. It’s not that I’m claustrophobic or that I’m afraid of people; I guess I’m content to live in my own little world and do my own thing. So trying to reach out is a bit of an adventure for me.

That all being said, I have to admit that I enjoy peeking in the lives of others by reading blogs. So I’ve added a new blog to my ever growing blogroll; so a big welcome to Jay from “All I Ever Wanted Was Everything”. His blog is über new, so it’ll be fun to watch it grow. I was instantly attracted to his blog because he’s taking flight lessons, which is something I plan to do someday. An added bonus is that he flies a Piper Seminole. The last Piper I flew in was with my father (who let me take the controls for a bit) and it was a Piper Apache. I was 16 or 17 years old at the time. Not as big as the Seminole but still fun.

Perhaps this blog reading thing appeals to a hidden stalker side.

I have another high-tech adventure I’m thinking of embarking on. I’m thinking of selling my HP Pavilion dv9030us laptop. It’s a powerhouse of a computer (complete with 17-inch widescreen display) that deserves to be owned by a Windows geek who’s going to put it through it’s paces. I’m a Macboy at heart (hence, ‘iMachias’) and though I’m a Linux lover when it comes to the PC world, this baby is just meant to be running Windows XP or Vista full-time for someone that has an interest in that side of the computing coin (and no, I don’t think that’s a bad thing and no, I’m not one that hates Microsoft, I just like my Macs better). I’d be happy to deliver it cash in hand to anyone within 150 miles of my location else I’d ship it anywhere within the United States or Canada. I don’t want to just throw it up on ebay; I’d rather it went to a blog reader. If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll share the juicy details.