Blog Maintenance.

Dear kind and gentle readers, you may notice that I’ve done some tweaking of the blog site a bit.

* You can see me if I’m in the office/studio now courtesy of the Home Office Cam. It updates once a minute and may occasionally venture into PG-13/R territory depending on my mood. If it gets X, it gets covered. I’m shy.

* New additions to the Blogroll include Moby and Gooster. I love clicking on the links of others, which leads me to another, which leads me to another. I think Homer‘s blog started the chain this time. I haven’t met any of these guys face to face but I’d stalk them should the opportunity arise.

* I have a new Xbox Live game card based on my new name. We’ve officially entered Xbox 360 season in our household. Especially since the Eagles are kind of sucky this year.

* I’m getting a little multimedia happy these days with an increase in photos again. I’d like the kind and gentle reader to enjoy a multimedia experience.

Now sit back and enjoy a pleasant flight.