Exponential Fun.


Who the hell invented exponents? I think the purpose of their creation is to make my Intermediate Algebra class extremely frustrating. I can make polynomials dance with binomials in a sweet tango like nobody’s business. I can divide the friggin’ things, even if I have to shove them hard to make them come out even. But this dividing exponents thing is for the birds. They’re evil. They like to move from the numerator to the denominator position without nary a reason all because the negative sign decided to show up. I have added, subtracted, pleaded and begged for them to move to their right place but all I have to show for my work is a burned up calculator and skid marks on my eraser.

My last foray into the one question that I can’t do on my homework resulted in me determining that there’s six hectares in an airplane seat on a Boeing 747, all because the exponents wouldn’t behave as they were suppose to and get in line. They don’t obey.

I don’t like that.