As a diehard geek, I get excited about the new technologies that are being introduced on an almost minute-by-minute basis. We are seeing cool, new things everyday; for example, the upcoming Apple iPhone has a “wow” feature that a mobile phone rarely achieves. I don’t see me owning an iPhone any time soon (mostly because of price), but I think we’re about to see the next big leap in mobile communications.

While the iPhone is quite exciting and intriguing, there are few things that make me gasp with excitement when I see technology. I usually have this “yeah yeah yeah” approach when I see new ideas, especially when they come from the folks at Microsoft. However, Microsoft Surface made me say out loud, “now that’s cool.”

Microsoft Surface.

I never thought I’d be referring gentle readers to the Microsoft site, but take a look at the Microsoft Surface website. Talk about a cool piece of furniture!

And while I’m on a technology discussion, I’m just going to say that I’ve just about forgotten about the upcoming release of Leopard. It’s so yesterday.


  1. OMG that is so F’n awesome! Total drool factor. I’m sure it will super expensive. I was surprised to see it’s release date is Winter 2007. There is even a showcase event today in the City between 10-3. Damn! I can’t make it.

    Yeah, I don’t think the iPhone is in the cards for me at least for now. I’m on Verizon as are most of my peeps, so switching to ATT doesn’t make sense. If they come out with a CDMA version I will be all over it. Of course I want it now!

  2. In an odd turn of events I ended up looking at that site recently and thought to myself that it was a very Mac like application… Of course, I am not sure I would want a blue table of death screen. But the technology looks very interesting!

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