Lucky Cat.

Lucky Cat.

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When work gets a little too hectic, I simply look over to the corner of my desk and gaze upon my few pictures, my two paperweights and Lucky Cat.

He’s from Epcot at Disneyworld. I picked him up during our trip in 2000. This is the second desk he has lived on.

I believe that one’s work area should contain just enough personal items to make the space feel comfortable, but be sparse enough that it can all be picked up in five minutes or less in case of lay off or other employment catastrophe.

Here’s another picture of my knick knack corner.


  1. A few pictures, a small radio playing classical music, and, if the office lighting is florescent, an incandescent desk lamp to warm the place up…and I feel at home.

    But your post reminds me: I need to stop reading blogs and clean up the mess on my desk.

  2. I finally was able to clean my office this week, regents week= no students in class=no kids in line at my door. I had “inherited” my office from another counselor and it was never really cleaned by me. It’s nice to know it’s organized now. For a homey feel, I have a little candle warmer. It heats the candle ( the kind in a little jar) and makes my whole office smell so nice, in fact, makes the entire Guidance suite smell nice. I had spice in the fall, currently I have pine for an Adirondack feel.

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