Happy Geek.

I Saw The Sign.

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I’ve mentioned before that I am a big geek when it comes to maps and roads, especially signs. In fact, I maintain a whole website dedicated to the roads in Upstate New York. The website gets quite a few hits from travelers, tourists, chambers of commerce and whatnot and from time to time I get requests to feature product placements on my page.

Usually my answer to these product placements is a hearty “no”, because I want to keep my sites as ad free as possible. However, one sign company here in Upstate New York requested that I put a link on the site for them and offered to pay me for the link. I turned down the payment and asked if they could make a sign or two for me instead. They happily agreed to make two signs for me for one year of “advertising” on my site. One of the signs I requested was the Interstate 81 sign you see in the picture (the second is still under construction). They also included a couple of others signs for my collection, including WRONG WAY, that I’ll be hanging on the garage wall with the others I’ve picked up at various places over the years.

I’m such a happy geek today.