Well it’s happened again. I’ve turned into Mr. Homemaker. Earl went to play poker with a bunch of buddies tonight so I did the following:

  • Finished all the laundry, including the placemats on the kitchen table and the towels in the guest room.
  • Made tomorrow night’s supper of vegetable stew.
  • Made four dozen cookies to take to work tomorrow in honor of our department tripling in size as we combine technical teams.
  • Divided out my Progresso soup into individual, easy to pack lunches for work this week.
  • Changed Tom’s litter box.
  • Swept the kitchen floor. (Notice I didn’t get crazy and announce that I had mopped the floor, however sweeping is a start).

I don’t know what’s going on with me. We don’t have a party planned in the future, no one is coming to visit and I haven’t the vaguest idea of whether the planets are aligned or not. I just feel like cleaning the house.

Oh well. The activity is a good excuse for exercise.