Quickdraw Mc Graw.

Earl mentioned to me last night that my blog has been well, boring, to the average reader during the month of March. I guess he can’t believe how much I’ve obsessed about my surgery and associated failings. He said that he hadn’t realized how much this was affecting me.

He should know better than that. Every man, gay or straight, obsesses about his penis.

Now I mentioned yesterday that I wasn’t really going to talk about my surgery anymore, since it appeared that everything had gone as planned and everything was working properly.

I lied, but just a little bit.

I am just so giddy with excitement that I can urinate like every other man in the world now. I am drink tons of water just to see it come out! “Wow, look at that! All done in less than 10 seconds! It used to take a really long time!” I want to play show and tell – I want to beckon people into the bathroom with me and do my thing in the urinal and say “Look what I can do now! I could never do that before!”. I suppose that would be a terribly unprofessional thing to do at work and would probably result in some sort of indecency charge. So I restrain myself from doing that.

I feel like some sort of huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders! In the past 24 hours I’ve been more confident about myself than ever. People at work today have commented that I “look good”, even though I’m wearing the same clothes and carrying the same hairstyle (bald) I have since they met me. It’s like that viagara commercial without the viagara, but with the same result!

Oh well. I just had to get that out of my system. Thanks for being patient with me.