As Good As New.

I am typing this blog entry from the comfort of the couch in our great room. Earl has been playing nurse all day, tending to my needs. I think I’m a little loopy from the pain medication I’m on, so if I’m incoherent, I apologize.

My surgery went well. I had not one, not two, but three blockages in my urethra so the procedure was a little more involved than they initially planned. But as the doctor told Earl afterwards, I’ll be as good as new once everything heals. Since this was a little more involved, I am going to have the catheter for two weeks instead of just one as initially planned. I could be peeing right now as I type for all I know. I’m a little frustrated by the catheter, but I think I’m more frustrated that sex is off limits for a little longer than anticipated. I guess I’ll have to stay away from the internet porn while I’m recovering.

I have to admit that at first I was nervous this morning, and after sharing my fears with Earl, I got past it and thought of the whole experience as a field trip. I decided to remember everything and everyone and to document what I felt as the anesthesia did its thing and such.

The people that helped me out today were named (in order of appearance), Joanne, Maureen, Ruth, a couple of OR specialists that didn’t tell me their name and Nina. Everyone, and I mean every single person I worked with today, was extremely kind and made me feel at ease throughout the ordeal. Maureen even apologized for the pain from the IV, and Joanne told me to savor every drop of water that I got with my pre-surgery pills, as that’s all I was getting for a while. (I had told her I was dead thirsty, having to fast all night last night.)

I’m somewhat shocked that I had a very, very vivid dream during the anesthesia. It began with a visit to Walt Disney World (the OR nurse had told me to think about my last vacation as I was going under) and then for some strange reason, Earl and I were holding hands and sort of floating up Route 11 near Potsdam, N.Y. I don’t know why my brain, or my soul, or the universe, or whomever, decided that I needed to see Potsdam of all places, especially at this time of year, but I felt very at ease and very happy. It was probably the drugs, but I like to think that I had some spirit guides or something along with my on the journey, as my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather’s side of the family are both from that neck of the woods.

The actual surgery took just under an hour, I was out of the recovery room by 10:00 a.m. and Earl was driving me home shortly after noon. I initially had planned on going to work on Monday, but the doctor thought that perhaps I should sit Monday out, and possibly Tuesday depending how I’m feeling. I’m a little anxious about having the catheter in me for two weeks, as I’m suppose to emcee Miss Mohawk Valley next weekend, and as I mentioned before, it’s a little hard to mobilize, let alone make love with this thing going on. But I guess it’s all for the better.

So I guess I’m going to embark on building a new empire on SimCity, watch a lot of television, take naps and maybe do some work on the website for the next couple of days before I feel well enough to get back to work. I’m also going to lie still and just listen to the sounds of our beautiful home.

Earl has been wonderful. He bought me a new stuffed animal, a little cat with stripes. His name is Mussy. I know, I’m a big kid at heart. I’ve been an emotional mess this afternoon, mostly because of the pain medication (I got emotional when Blanche was arguing with ‘Big Daddy’ on the Golden Girls for crying out loud), but despite my little procedure today, I feel like a million bucks right now.

If I had one wish and only one wish, I would wish that everyone in the world gets to experience the love that I enjoy.

There I go getting all emotional again.