Family Night.

Earl and I slowed our lives down enough to enjoy “Family Night” together tonight. Granted, there’s only three of us in our little family here, Earl, our cat Tom and myself, but still it’s fun to get together as a little family enjoy some popcorn and a movie together.

When I was a kid, up until I was 28 actually, we used to have “Family Day”, where a good portion of my dad’s side of the family would get together at Gram and Grampa’s house, have donuts and coffee and shoot the breeze. I find it ironic that we did that, as everyone was together throughout the week at the family business, but nevertheless it was customary. We cousins would romp through the barns. I would try to organize parades with splendid pageantry and such. I was such a dork. We still share the tradition once in a great while.

Anyways, tonight for Family Night we watched “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on DVD. I haven’t seen “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” in the 25 past years or so, so this was a special treat. I had forgotten some of the songs and how beautiful Sally Ann Howes is. She is Truly Scrumptious (and for me to take notice is Truly Something!)! There was such a sense of class and style in Hollywood back in the day. My how times have changed. I think I’m suffering from a mild case of the Tobey Maguire/Pleasantville syndrome. Perhaps Earl and I need to see a good old classic Broadway musical at the local school or something.

Oh well, it’s fun to live life with your head in the clouds once in a while.